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Past Projects


21)   Manor House, Northwold: the Trust has taken an interest in this building over a number of years but has not been able to negotiate with an owner.

22) Dawdy's Farmhouse, Wickhampton: repairs completed by a new owner.

23) Paston Great Barn: the Trust undertook a full feasibility study and made an offer to purchase. The sale fell through owing to unresolved legal issues. Now in the care of the North Norfolk Preservation Trust, leased to English Nature.

24) Outbuilding at Hall Farmhouse, Sustead: feasibility study undertaken and attempts made to negotiate purchase. Property eventually converted and repaired by a new owner.

25) Old Crostwight Hall: rebuilt by a developer.

26) Hall Farm, Edingthorpe: the Trust sought to persuade the owners of the empty farmhouse to sell it. Eventually sold to a developer who repaired and converted it into a guesthouse.

27) Old Hall, Westwick: feasibility study undertaken and negotiations commenced with a view to purchase by the Trust. Subsequently repaired by a new owner.

28) Old Rectory, Great Moulton: the Trust supported action by the District Council and undertook a feasibility study. Eventually repaired by developers.

29) West Lodge, Houghton Park: bought by the Landmark Trust for holiday let.

30) Rollesby Church Farm Barns: full feasibility study undertaken by the Trust with an offer to purchase. Eventually the farmhouse was sold to a new owner with a condition attached to repair barns.